Are We in Danger of Losing Bookshops from our High Streets Forever?

The number of independent booksellers in Britain has dropped below 1000 for the first time, according to recent figures from the Bookseller’s Association.

James Daunt, the managing director of Waterstones, introduced the selling of Kindles through Waterstones bookshops – a decision suggested by some as akin to ‘letting the fox into the hen house’.

And the former bad boys of bookselling, the high street chain bookstores, are now joining forces with their smaller independent counterparts in the battle against the popularity of e-books, and the onslaught of price-slashing supermarkets and online retailers, in the fight to remain on our high streets.

Booksellers are, without doubt, facing challenging times, but does this spell the end for bookshops on our high streets?

Can bookshops adapt to survive? Who are the successes in bookselling and what are they doing that is making a difference? What lessons can be learned from other high street retailers? What does the future landscape look like for booksellers?

Oh, for the love of Bookshops will be looking at these questions, providing a platform for discussion, with a view to uncovering some answers pointing the way to a brighter future for bookshops.